Programming Problem Solving Walkthrough

We run a mini-sprint at the Education summit in PyCon 2019 on May 2! (slides)

A programming problem solving walkthrough is a written guided description of the journey from a problem to a solution. It aims to teach how to solve programing problems in a methodical and thoughtful manner using a model. In other words, the knowledge to be learned is focused on the “how”, and not on the programming language per se.

Currently, the walkthroughs are written as Jupyter Notebooks in Python.

See the Walkthrough chapter in the Programming Problem Solving Handbook.

Creative Commons LicenseThis work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

List of Walkthroughs

  1. Harry Potter and the Telephone Game
    • Learning objectives:
      1. Simplification and generalization design strategy
      2. set, files and string manipulations

You can also download a template for students of an empty walkthrough project based on Advent of Code problems.

Solutions / Contribution

If you plan to use walkthroughs in your class, there are complete solutions. If you want to contribute to this project and make it better, your help is very welcome. For both of the cases, please fill in this form, and we will grant you access to the development repository. We review the requests on a daily basis.